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Temple Children's Museum Feasibility Study
Request For Proposal

Documents Section

Use the button below to download a zip file containing the documents needed to complete your proposal.  Documents updated 12/22/21 at 5:30PM.

Project Description

The winning firm will be asked to

  • Review all existing construction documents

  • Complete on-site visits of current museum spaces 

  • Conduct needs assessment for warehouse space including future exhibits, internal and external building renovations and associated move in costs

  • Develop an action plan with anticipated timeline and expenses to renovate and operate the museum based upon the needs assessment

    • Selected firm may subcontract with museum planners and engineers.  This cost should be part of submitted budget.

  • The action plan should include 

    • an exhibit floor plan that can be phased in

    • associated project costs to include but not limited to foundation, wall structure, roof and HVAC systems

    • cost estimates to renovate the building including a Phase 1 (move into a smaller section of the building), Phase 2 and Phase 3 (completed project)


Interested firms should submit a proposal, resume and cost of professional services by January 20, 2022.  The submitted information should include

  • Experience, including work with museums especially children’s museums including dates and locations of experience

  • Experience in developing construction plans, especially renovation projects

  • Anticipated cost of services, including subcontractors

  • Experience of subcontractors

  • Anticipated timeline 

  • Describe how you plan to develop a children’s museum exhibit floor plan

Submitting Completed RFP

Please email completed proposals to Facilities Chair Fabian Gomez at

If you are delivering a phsyical copy this can be mailed to or dropped off at 19 N Main Street, Temple, TX 76501.

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